What is Global Nomad Pass?
Who is Global Nomad Pass for?
What are the benefits of becoming a Global Nomad Pass member?
Where can I use my Global Nomad Pass?
Is Global Nomad Pass a mobile app?
How do I get my Global Nomad Pass?
How much does a Global Nomad Pass membership cost?
How does the free trial work?
Is membership available internationally?
After I start my free trial, how do I access my Global Nomad Pass?
When can I begin using my Global Nomad Pass?
Does my Global Nomad Pass expire?
Can I share my Global Nomad Pass membership with others?
How to Use
How do the discounts work?
How do I see the list of partners and the member-only discounts they offer?
How do I redeem a discount in-store?
What if a partner refuses to honor the discount that is listed on the Global Nomad Pass website?
What if I accidentally deleted the Global Nomad Pass wallet pass from my mobile wallet?
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